Molecular Scientist turned Software Engineer

I came to this country from war-torn Somalia and used every opportunity to learn about the natural world- from physics to chemistry, to even genetics. This led me to study molecular biology in college, and later on I worked at The Broad Institute, Lions Visiongift, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The scientific process cultivated curiosity in many other subjects, including coding. Transitioning from technical skills in the natural world to technical skills in the human-made world of software engineering is a change I welcome. My past experiences are a gateway into the tech industry, leading me to develop skills needed to handle both people and software. When you hire me, I will bring tenacity, teamwork, discipline, empathy, and reliability.

Recent Work

Check In


Classroom Management app meant to prevent bullying and enhance student success. Tech used include Artifical Intelligence, Node.js, Javascript, MongoDB, and a Sentiment Analysis API

JWLI website

JWLI Website

This is the JWLI website that I designed with HTML and CSS, fully-responsive

Matching Card Game

Chemically Engaging Matching Card Game

This is a matching card game built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Player wins by matching all chemical elements. Press reset after game to reshuffle and start again